Building Windows Not Walls: Teaching Global Citizenship

As the 2016 election came to an end, I took a moment to ponder how the outcome could affect my students.  This particular election, sadly, has exposed our young students to some negative discussions, news, and beliefs.  Our students do not study or understand the specifics of our nation's political decisions.  They simply hear the 60 second commercials or read news headlines, which can be very misleading.

As educators, we have a responsibility to teach our students about all that is happening around them. We are blessed with this opportunity. Teaching our students about the world, exposing them to different cultures, people, beliefs, and traditions will help educate our young ones so they can make their own opinions about the world in which they live.

I made the decision to educate my students about the world beyond our own city, state, and nation.  I chose to do so through technology and social media.  Connecting with people around the world today could not be more simple.  I chose to use a platform my students were currently using, Seesaw.  I created a Global Communication Class and away we went.

Click the image to learn more about Seesaw.

Over the past few years, I have connected with some wonderful teachers through social media.  I began to communicate with people of like pedagogical backgrounds from around the world.  It was great fun learning how other educational systems worked.  A few of us decided to provide our students the same opportunity.  We decided to connect our classrooms and teach our kids global citizenship.

So far my second graders have connected with students from Australia. They have learned common greetings, various names for everyday things, school day routines, wildlife, customs, songs, lifestyles, geography, and so much more through our written and video conversations. Honestly, I think the adults (teachers) enjoy it just as much as the students.

Below I will show you exactly how to make global connections possible for you and your classroom. It has been one of the best teaching decisions I have ever made.  My hope is more and more teachers will do the same and help spread global citizenship among our young students.

Step 1:  Use social media to connect with other teachers.  Twitter and Instagram are where I have found the most globally diverse members.

Step 2:  Set up a Seesaw account.  You can use Seesaw online at or you can download the app from iTunes or Google Play stores.

Step 3:  One teacher will be in charge of creating a classroom for communicating globally.  This teacher will be the account manager.  He/she will be in charge of setting up and managing the classroom.  List each classroom as a student, or you can list each student separately if you would like them to communicate on their own.

Step 4:  Add videos, notes, drawings, pictures, or pretty much anything and post it to the class feed.

Step 5:  The managing teacher will be notified when a post has been added and then accept the post to the class feed.

Step 6:  Sit back and enjoy knowing that you are contributing to the health and happiness of our future global relations.

Here are some video tutorials on setting up your very own Seesaw Global Class.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at Link2Teach.

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To learn more about how to utilize Seesaw click HERE.

Setting Up a Seesaw Global Class


Adding Notes, Videos, Drawings, Pictures To Seesaw Global Class


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Join the EdChange Global Classroom 24 Event


I didn't know any teachers globally in which to connect my older students, until recently.  I was super excited to stumble upon a post on Twitter explaining #ECGC17.  Through this connection, I learned about a great new website that allows teachers to meet others and connect their classrooms.  The site is called  Belouga.  Thanks to this wonderful site, my third graders are now about to meet up with students from Ghana!  And my 4th and 5th graders will soon meet their friends in Mexico.

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Hope to see you on the 28th at the EdChange Global Classroom Event!

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  1. LOVE IT! So excited to have your passion for global collaboration as a driving force for your students and I can't wait to learn from you at #ECGC17.


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